Brick Matching

Brick Matching Service


It is exciting to start a refurbishment, extend your current home or build a new one, although it can also prove stressful and not as straightforward as originally planned.

Often, building work can get delayed due to difficulties finding suitable materials. Bricks must be close to the existing ones for the extension to look good and “blend in” with the existing property. They must match or look similar and match the size of the existing brick to make sure the new brickwork is in line with the current one. Councils might also request you to use a close matching brick to the nearby properties in your area.

We will happily assist you, guide you through the choice of hundreds of bricks and offer you the closest matches or possible alternatives to your requirements.

Please fill in the short questionnaire, and we will get back to you with potential options within 1-2 working days.


Tips for photos:


●  Photos taken from a little distance from the existing brickwork will give a better understanding of the brick texture (ideally around 1m / 3ft away from the brickwork);

●  Photos taken from further distance will help to understand the variation of colour and colour pattern throughout brickwork (distance of around 4m / 13ft or so);

●  Photos of brickwork taken in daylight on a cloudy day are the best in terms of colour accuracy, as very bright sunlight might make the brickwork look much lighter and more colourful than they actually are

●  Photos taken in the evening / darker time of the day do not show the accurate colour and shading and will make brickwork look much darker and duller than it looks in reality;

  If you notice that your photos don’t look like your brickwork no matter how you take the images, just add a few alternative notes, i.e. bricks look more orange than red or bricks in pictures look brighter than they actually are etc. These little notes sometimes make a big difference.

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