About Us


It all started with a great idea and a little bit of hard work. In 2013, when our founders, Dmitrijs Sakelis and Vitalii Morgun, then 22 and 27 years old, entered the residential construction market and started building house extensions and loft conversions for clients. Talking to clients and building their dream houses was a passion from the beginning. Doing it all, Dmitrijs and Vitalii knew that ability to source building materials for their construction projects at the lowest possible prices will help to reduce the cost of construction projects and saving could be passed to the client or converted into a profit.

Local builders merchants at that time did not operate on the volume basis but rather a margin basis, keeping their prices high and making it hard to buy cheap.

Dmitrijs and Vitalii spotted an opportunity and launched Building Materials Wholesale website that gives an opportunity to trade people and end-users to buy materials at the low prices without the need to spend their time trying to negotiate the lower price.


Dmitrijs Sakelis

We monitor prices every day and push suppliers and distributors to their boundaries to lower cost prices to give you an access to wholesale prices.

Vitalii Morgun

I wanted small construction companies to be successful, so we created Building Materials Wholesale. Small construction companies matter.